Your Guide To Selecting Toadfish Spinning Rod & Reel
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Your Guide To Selecting Toadfish Spinning Rod & Reel

Dec 06, 2022

A good fishing rod is one of the most important pieces of your entire angling setup. Quality is key, but so is using the right type of rod. With countless types of fishing rods to offer, the question is, how to choose a fishing rod that’s right for you? Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to learn today.

Below, we'll discuss your guide to selecting the perfect Toadfish Spinning Rod & Reel combination that will suit your needs. Whether it is a gift for the angler in your life or a personal fishing setup, we've got you covered.

toadfish spinning rod and reel, inshore fishing setup

What's the right fishing rod length?

The length of the rod is the first thing you should consider when choosing a spinning rod. Toadfish rods range from a stout 5'11'' to a longer casting 7'6''. Rod length typically has an impact on how far you can cast. Longer rods make for longer casting, but often times are a lot harder to maneuver when fishing in close quarters. Shorter rods give you more control, however, have a limit to how far you can cast your line.

Here are a few scenarios to help condense your selection:

Scenario 1: Fishing Underwater Structure from Kayak

In this scenario, longer casting is not necessary. When fishing underwater structure, you'll typically be right above the structure and simply need to get the lure or bait down to the bottom quickly. With this in mind, a short rod is the way to go.

Our 5'11'' M X-Fast Sheepshead Rod was designed exactly for this purpose. With a stout & firm blank and an extra fast action, this rod is great for quickly setting the hook on even the most agile fish. Other options include our 6'8'' ML Fast Rod or 6'8'' M X-Fast, which work well for this scenario.

Scenario 2: Throwing Topwater Lures from Boat or Shore

In scenario 2, being able to throw your lure farther distances and retrieve them is crucial. Longer rods, 7 feet and longer, are going to get the job done. Our 7'4'' ML X-Fast Rod is a great rod that helps shoot your line with ease. 

Scenario 3: Just Getting Started Fishing

If you are new to the sport of fishing, welcome! Most anglers would agree that a fishing rod around 7 feet is perfect. We suggest our 7'2'' M X-Fast Spinning Rod as the best overall rod for those just getting started. It offers everything you'll need to catch fish and be successful on the water,

toadfish spinning rod and reel, inshore fishing rod and reel

What's the best action?

A fishing pole's action is one of its most important performance components. The amount and location of your rod's bend are determined by the form and material of the rod. The speed at which the rod returns from "laden" to its original position is likewise controlled by action. That is where the terms fast, medium, and slow came 

X-Fast Action

X-Fast action rods bend at the top, just below the tip. They are sensitive to even the smallest nibbles, sending vibrations directly to your palm. Fast rods have the ability to snap back very quickly, making them perfect for forceful hook placement.

When it comes to hooks, extra fast action rods perform best with single hooks, worms, and huge jigs. Extra fast action rods are excellent for drawing fish out of heavy cover because of its fast moving tip and robust backbone.

Fast Action

Fast action rods bend in the top half of the pole. They provide good hook-setting capabilities and feedback and allow you to cast decently far. Because they move a bit slower than extra fast action rods, fast action rods work well with multiple-hook setups. They also give the fish more time to bite.

Freshwater or Saltwater?

Knowing whether you'll be using the rod & reel in freshwater or saltwater can help us narrow down your selection. Below, I've created a few combinations to help you find the perfect fishing rod & reel combo.


Trout - 6'8'' Medium Light Fast Spinning Rod + 2000 Size Reel + 8-10 LB Braided Line

Largemouth Bass - 6'8'' Medium X-Fast Spinning Rod + 2500 Size Reel or 7'2'' M XFS Spinning Rod + 2500 Reel

Striped Bass - 7'2'' Medium Heavy Spinning Rod + 3000 Size Reel + 15-25 LB Braided Line

Walleye - 7'2'' Medium Heavy Spinning Rod + 3000 Size Reel + 15-25 LB Braided Line

Catfish - 7'2'' Medium Heavy Spinning Rod + 3000 Size Reel + 15-25 LB Braided Line

Peacock Bass - 6'8'' Medium X-Fast Spinning Rod + 2500 Size Reel or 7'2'' Medium X-Fast Spinning Rod + 2500 Size Reel


Sheepshead - 5'11'' Medium X-Fast Spinning Rod + 2500 Size Reel + 15 LB Braided Line

Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder - 7'2'' M X-FS Spinning Rod + 2500/3000 Size Reel + 15 LB Braided Line

Bonefish - 7'4'' Medium Light Spinning Rod + 2500 Size Reel

Snook - 7'2'' MH Fast Spinning Rod + 3000 Size Reel + 20 LB Braided Line

Mid-Sized Tarpon, Barracuda - 7'6'' Medium Heavy Fast Spinning Rod + 4000 Size Reel 



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    What the best fishing line for your spinning rod ?

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