Charleston Announces Nov. 22 Oyster Recycling Day
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Charleston Announces Nov. 22 Oyster Recycling Day

Nov 29, 2022

November 22, 2022 - Oyster Recycling Day

Last week, Mayor Tecklenburg of Charleston, SC officially proclaimed November 22 as Oyster Recycling Day in the Holy City. The Eastern oyster is one of South Carolina's most prized marine species. After years of suffering from alarming scarcity of these incredible mollusks, the state began depending on out-of-state shells to help grow oyster reefs throughout the coast.

With this new proclamation, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) biologists, Charleston staff, and Toadfish Outfitters hope to inspire local citizens and restaurants to continue recycling their shells to the various oyster recycling locations throughout the city.



As oysters continue to grow in popularity, it is important that we as a city and state help to protect them for the long run, to ensure their survival for generations to come. As oyster populations in some regions of the country have fallen and competition for shells has intensified, obtaining enough oyster shells to restore South Carolina's reefs has become difficult.

You can help ensure a healthy future for these important Charleston treasures by recycling your shells.


Tips for Recycling Your Oyster Shells

  • DO bring your shell to the nearest shell recycling center. Find the nearest drop-off location online. If you're hosting a large roast, please call 843-953-9397 to find out if SCDNR can provide recycling bins for your event.
  • DO separate shell from trash. Shell mixed with trash (including shell in bags or containers) is not suitable for recycling. Provide separate containers at your events for shells and trash.
  • DON'T put live oysters or freshly shucked shells in South Carolina waters. If the oysters you purchased were harvested outside South Carolina, it is illegal to place them in South Carolina waters. Placing live oysters in our waters can create environmental problems and may harm local oysters or other animals. To avoid contamination, shell should be recycled to SCDNR and properly quarantined for six months.


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    Looks like you’re doing great work with the oyster restoration! I have a couple questions for you. Have you done any restoration work in Apalachicola FL? Also, will the spinning combo sale be back as I snoozed and missed it? Thanks!


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