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TOADFISH Press Release

Feb 07, 2017

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TOADFISH™ Launches New Ergonomic Oyster Shucking Knife Made From Recycled Materials

Company Commits Percentage of Sales to Rebuilding Oyster Beds on the East and Gulf Coasts

Charleston, SC (2/14/17)  – TOADFISH Outfitters, an eco-active coastal advocate and leading manufacturer of coastal lifestyle products announces the launch of its ergonomic PUT EM’ BACK™ oyster knife made from recycled and sustainable materials.  After years in development, TOADFISH oyster knives have a thoughtfully designed fit, form and functionality that makes shucking oysters easier and safer.  For every knife sold, the company has committed to re-nourish 10 square feet of oyster habitat through its partnerships with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Oyster Shell Recycling Program and Oyster Restoration and Enhancement Program (SCORE).

According to Casey Davidson, founder of TOADFISH, the company enhances the time people spend on and around the coast. “When you purchase a TOADFISH product, we contribute a percentage of each sale to rebuilding oyster beds – 10 square feet of new habitat for every TOADFISH product sold – ensuring that the water we all love stays healthy.”

The PUT EM’BACK knife’s sleek, contoured handle, made from recycled plastic bottles, was designed with a top thumb indentation and underside index finger rest that feels like an extension of the hand.  The curved stainless steel blade with a bridged pivot point back simplifies the shucking process by allowing oyster lovers to pop open the oyster and remove it from the shell with ease.

“TOADFISH has perfected what we believe is the best knife on the market for shucking raw or steamed oysters and is a must-have accessory for any occasion where oysters are enjoyed,” said Davidson.  “Not only that, we are a ‘lead-by-example’ friend of the coast and strive to have a positive impact on water quality to help ensure sustainable marine ecosystems for generations to come. Oysters provide a natural filtration system for our waterways. The more oysters we put back the cleaner and healthier our coastal waters become.”

The TOADFISH PUT EM’ BACK knife will be available in stores April 1, 2017.  For more information about it and other TOADFISH products visit: www.toadfishoutfitters.com


TOADFISH is a manufacturer of thoughtfully designed oyster knives and coastal lifestyle products that feel better in your hands.  It is an eco-active company dedicated to protecting the saltwater environment and keeping it healthy, educating customers to better understand the cause and effect of over-harvesting versus replenishment, and elevating everyone’s enjoyment of the water.


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    I cannot release them acumen on the wine cooler to open it to take the bottle,out


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    Apr 02, 2023 at 20:57

    Where are toadfish products manufactured?


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