Toadfish Donates $10K For 3D Printed Artificial Reef on Pamlico River
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Toadfish Donates $10K For 3D Printed Artificial Reef on Pamlico River

May 06, 2022

May 10th, 2022 - In collaboration with the Coastal Conservation Coalition of North Carolina (CCA NC) and North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF), Toadfish is proud to announce that we have donated $10K to helped fund the deployment of a 3-D printed artificial reef on the Pamlico River.


The purpose behind this reef is to help provide a habitat for fish and other marine species in order to protect and encourage growth for the surrounding coastal ecosystem. Not only will it benefit the environmental aspects of the area, but will help boost the economic efforts in the surrounding Beaufort county community by increasing recreational fishing.


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The 3D printed artificial reef, designed by Raleigh-based Natrx, includes one hundred cubes that measure 3 square feet each and will be deployed roughly 100 yards off the shoreline near the mouth of Bath Creek. The Bayview Reef site encompasses roughly 1.8 underwater acres and is spaced out to allow for multiple boats to fish without being overcrowded.


The design of the concrete reef was created specifically for the local climate and river habitats. The fabrication process allows for naturalistic structure with curved surfaces that will help sustain aquatic life. This reef will act as structural refuge for popular recreational fishing species such as striped bass and speckled trout.


artifical reef, natrx, pamlico river, reef deployment, fishery, striped bass habitat, oyster restoration, recreational fishing, beaufort county ncAround one hundred 3D printed cubes to be dropped nearly 100 yards off shoreline of Bath Creek, NC.


The materials used in the reef have been known to attract oysters, mussels, and crustaceans which in turn will help improve the productivity of the river and revitalize the ecosystem as a whole. 


We are so proud and excited for this artificial reef and look forward to its deployment. Without your support, this would not be possible! If you'd like to continue to support these conservation efforts, please consider donating to Toadfish Conservation Coalition here



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    Toadfish Donates $10K For 3D Printed Artificial Reef on Pamlico River


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