Salt Strong reviews the Toadfish Inshore rod.
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Salt Strong reviews the Toadfish Inshore rod.

Oct 21, 2019

It’s rod review time!

As far as rods and reels go, the more important of the two is definitely the rod.

The rod is what allows you to make long, accurate casts and set the hook.

The rod absorbs a lot of the pressure the fish put on your line.

And, if you have a monster fish at the boat suddenly decide she wants to take off under the boat, you better hope your rod is strong enough to handle that sudden burst and not snap.

I’ve been using this Toadfish rod a lot recently and many of you have asked about it, so I decided to create this review.

And since we’re not affiliated with Toadfish or any other company, you can be sure that this is a completely honest and unbiased review.

Ready to see the top pros and cons of the Toadfish inshore fishing rod?

Full write up here:

Watch the video below.

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