Oyster reef restoration and recycling a core value for Toadfish Outfitters
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Oyster reef restoration and recycling a core value for Toadfish Outfitters

Jun 27, 2017

Columbia, SC- It was ten years ago when Casey Davidson walked into the office of Coastal Conservation Association South Carolina (CCA SC) as an intern for the spring. Then a rising college senior, his interests were in fisheries and marine conservation. Fast forward to 2017, and now CEO Casey Davidson of Toadfish Outfitters has established a company committed to the coastal lifestyle and his dedication to partnering with CCA SC to continue the organization’s work in oyster restoration and recycling is just as strong as it was that spring ten years ago. His start-up company, Toadfish Outfitters, has donated $10,000 to CCA SC’s habitat efforts and is ready to make a difference in South Carolina’s marine resources.

“As a Beaufort native born and raised, my entire life focused around the saltwater estuaries in the Lowcountry”, said Casey. “What a unique experience I had being able to see the work first hand that CCA SC does and I never forgot that along my professional journey. I knew when I started Toadfish Outfitters that I wanted to be able to give back to the organization that I knew was mission focused and was in line with the corporate culture I want to create at Toadfish”.

As a company that will specialize in products built for the coastal lifestyle,Toadfish Outfitters is already living up to its vision of being a responsible corporate citizen. With a motto of Shuck, Recycle, Rebuild, the company has already built oyster recycling drop off sites in Beaufort County; pledging to put proceeds from the sale of each product towards oyster habitat improvement.

“What a great analogy this story is of making a difference” said Scott Whitaker, executive director of CCA SC. “Much like establishing a new oyster reef for future habitat growth and improvement, this young man establishing his new company will contribute and promote the enhancement of our shared marine resources. We look forward to the future benefits of this partnership”.

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