National Oyster Day 2022
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National Oyster Day 2022

Aug 05, 2022

National Oyster Day honors this mollusk's many uses. Some oyster species are frequently consumed as either cooked or raw yet their benefits are far beyond a culinary delicacy.

Oysters help clean coastal waters! Nature has provided the filter-feeding oyster to keep our coasts clean and teeming with life.

  • A single oyster filters up to 50 gallons of coastal water per day
  • The structure that oyster reefs create provide habitat for species like fish, crabs, and shrimp to thrive
  • Oyster cultivation and harvest provide significant economic value



At Toadfish, we are committed to cleaning coastal waters by replanting and replenishing oyster habitats throughout the country. So far, we have planted over 280,214+ SQ. FT. of oyster beds. That's enough oysters to filter over 82 million gallons of water a day!

We work to create products that are thoughtfully designed and eco-friendly. Check out our new products and help replant + restore coastal ecosystems. 

"Our oceans face greater threats today more than in any point in history. Our coastlines, our waterways, our planet is at a critical tipping point. Everyone has a role in the fight to save our oceans and every effort no matter how small can have a major impact. We are improving water quality by rebuilding new filter feeding oyster beds. By repeating and expanding this process, we are working towards healthier coastlines nationwide. Please donate, and join us in the Put ‘Em Back Movement." 
- Casey Davidson, Founder/ CEO 

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