Gear Up For Spring Fishing: 4 Tips To Get You Prepared
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Gear Up For Spring Fishing: 4 Tips To Get You Prepared

Mar 20, 2023

Gear Up For Spring Fishing: 5 Tips To Get You Prepared

Anglers all over the world are preparing for the new season as Spring has finally arrived. Those who love fishing for bass, crappie, or trout are emerging from hiding in droves, eager to get outside and wet their line. Fishing in the winter can be fantastic, but most people are getting ready for spring. When this happens, the fish can be just as aggressive as the anglers chasing them. 

Spring isn’t only just a good time to be fishing, it's a good time to be outside.

It doesn't matter what you're chasing or where you live. There's a good chance we can all take a few minutes to gear up for the Spring.

Here are a few reminders we plan on doing to get prepared for this year's Spring fishing season:

toadfish rod and reel combo

1. Clean Off Your Gear

Do a quick inventory by going into the garage, the basement, or the closet where you keep your fishing equipment. To determine what has to be done, inspect your equipment. Do you require a new guide? Lubricate a worn-out reel? Perhaps make a list of the spring fishing lures you'll need for your trip in April?

If you're new to the sport and looking for some tips and tricks to cleaning and maintaining your gear, check out our article How to Clean and Maintain Your Rods and Reels Safely and Properly

toadfish dry box tackle box

2. Clean Out Your Tackle Box

Success will result from starting the season with a clean slate and a well-organized tackle box. Although it is not necessary to arrange lures according to color or alphabet, a little effort will go a long way. Also, organizing your tackle box is an excellent method to be reminded of the gear you currently own.

Cleaning out your fishing corner can be like going to the tackle shop. If you're slightly disorganized and have a questionable quantity of fishing tackle - you may find that missing lure from years ago!

3. Practice Your Casting

Whether you prefer spinning rods, casting rods, or fly rods - it is always a good idea to practice some casts in your backyard to make sure you are ready to go when the fishing gets hot.

For bass fishing with a baitcaster, we suggest practicing pitching and flipping. In doing so, you'll develop muscle memory to consistently underhand flips. Much like any other sport, the more you practice, the easier it'll become.

4. Replace Your Old Rods, Reels, & Line

That old rusty spinning reel that you've been holding onto for a decade has reached a point of no return. Make sure that your rods, reels, and line performs to the best of its ability - especially during this prime time fishing season. Stock up on new fishing gear without breaking the wallet.

If you are looking for an in-depth guide on which rod & reel to choose, check out our latest article Your Guide To Selecting Toadfish Spinning Rod & Reel


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