4 Shocking Facts About South Carolina
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4 Shocking Facts About South Carolina

Mar 14, 2023

Shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes, palmetto trees, and college football games typically come to mind when people think of South Carolina. But there are a number of fascinating historical facts about this wonderful Southern state that may surprise some. Our hometown, the city of Charleston, is the state's top tourist attraction. While the history of Charleston is filled with fascinating tales, the remainder of the state also has some quite distinctive claims to fame if you're thinking about taking a trip there. Here are some of The Palmetto State's most fascinating and unexpected facts.

1. The Real "Peach State"

South Carolina produces more peaches than Georgia.

Contrary to popular assumption, Georgia is not the Southeast's top peach-producing state. Although Georgia peaches are frequently mentioned (the state even features peaches on its license plates), South Carolina has more peaches than its southern neighbor. With a total of 10,400 tons harvested in 2017, South Carolina came in second place to California, which is still the leading peach producer in the nation.

2. Home To The Oldest Tree

Charleston's Angel Oak Tree is one of the oldest in the U.S.

The Angel Oak, one of the oldest living trees in the nation, is located not far from Charleston. This live oak is situated on the stunning Johns Island and is thought to be 500 years old or older. One of the most incredible sites to view while in Charleston is undoubtedly this. The tree, which has limbs that span more than 187 feet, is 66.5 feet tall. When you travel to visit the Angel Oak, there is no entrance fee, and the quick drive is more than worthwhile. This unusual and natural occurrence seems to surround the entire area with a mysterious aura.

3. BBQ's Birthplace

Barbecue was born in South Carolina.

While the exact origin of American barbecue is debatable, it most certainly came from the South. Many people think that the Native Americans who lived in South Carolina taught colonists how to cook wonderful pig over an open fire, despite the fact that there are many competing ideas regarding where the notion first appeared.

4. Island of Monkeys

South Carolina is home to a monkey colony.

Charleston, Dorchester, and Beaufort are all included in the Lowcountry, which stretches from Berkley to Jasper County. All of these regions have comparable geographical features, however one little barrier island off the coast of Beaufort has an unusually high density of furry inhabitants. More than 3,000 Rhesus monkeys live in a colony on the 2,000 acres of Morgan Island. Despite the fact that humans are unable to enter the island, you can ride a boat out close to the colony to see the monkeys up close. Because of the island's singularity, this type of monkey can only be found there in the wild.


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