Behind Our Put ‘Em Back® Movement
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Behind Our Put ‘Em Back® Movement

Mar 01, 2022

As the founder of Toadfish, I sometimes get asked, "What is Put 'Em Back?" 


This is more than just a tagline for me and our company. This is an all encompassing philosophy. The words “Put 'Em Back” means being a true environmental steward which impacts the way I live my life and the daily decisions I make both on and off the water.

I love being on the water and harvesting fish, shrimp, oysters, crabs and enjoying nature's gifts with friends and family. However, as a Put 'Em Back guy, I am always aware of harvesting in a conscious, responsible, and sustainable way. Abiding by state and local regulations does not go far enough.


Put 'Em Back means being conscious of the impact we as human beings have on our planet.

Put 'Em Back means giving more than we take.

Put 'Em Back means leaving natural places more abundant, and more beautiful than when we discovered them.

Put 'Em Back means striving to find a sustainable path for our world where we can enjoy nature and its bounty while at the same time ensuring its abundance for generations to come. 

Put 'Em Back means recycling oyster shells and putting them back into the ecosystem allowing oyster populations to continue to grow. 

Put 'Em Back means practicing catch and release especially in regards to larger trophy breeding populations of fish ensuring fisheries remain sustainable.

Put 'Em Back means a cultural shift within our communities to value 'putting them back' and help create disdain for 'limiting out'.




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