Introducing: Toadfish Performance Gear
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Introducing: Toadfish Performance Gear

Mar 21, 2022

Toadfish Technical Performance Wear

After months of testing, designing, and prototyping, we are thrilled to announce the release of our latest performance apparel line. If you’re anything like us, you understand the importance of having lightweight, breathable material that protects you from whatever mother nature throws at you. Spending hours on the water while being beaten by the sun and humidity, it is vital that your clothes fit the occasion. 

We kept this in mind when designing our new Technical Performance Hoodie. 


Man with Fly fishing Rod in hand walking with performance sun shirt

Lightweight Sun Protection

Wearing sun protection should be your #1 concern before spending a day on the water. While it’s nice to sunbathe and get a little tan, skin can be damaged quickly when exposed to harmful UV rays. With that in mind, we built our performance gear with UPF 40+ solar protection to keep you and your skin safe from the elements while being lightweight and breathable. 

The Quick-Dry knit material used allows moisture to evaporate quickly, keeping you cool and making it a perfect piece for those hot, humid days. Underarm gussets help keep movement unrestricted while allowing cool air to flow when casting or poling.



Grey performance shirt with quick drying material, sun protection, UPF protection shirt

Unique Features

During the initial design process, we discussed features that we believed were important for any avid angler or outdoorsman. Having forgotten our neck gaiters at the boat landing a few too many times, we decided to construct our UV Protection Hoodie with a built-in seamless face-buff. This UV gaiter allows your face to be covered, keeping you warm in the wintertime and cool during the peak of summer. Easily tuck the gaiter away whenever not in use.



Man with hoodie performance shirt. Built in neck gaiter for sun protection and sunglasses

Clear Eyes, Clear Mind

Keeping your eyewear clean is a MUST. In order to spot and sight cast those redfish during a flood tide, clear vision is a necessity. That’s why we added a built-in microfiber lens cleaner, concealed and easily accessible no matter what situation you are in. 


Man cleaning sunglasses with microfiber cloth on performance shirt

Man holding steering wheel of skiff boat

Henley buttons on performance shirt designed for fishing, sun protection

On And Off The Water

Whether its a day spent on the water or grabbing drinks with friends, our new Technical Performance Wear is your new go-to. Check out more from this collection here. Let's Put 'Em Back!


Two friends drinking beer at bar, smiling, having fun with each other


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    Introducing: Toadfish Performance Gear


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    Introducing: Toadfish Performance Gear


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    Introducing: Toadfish Performance Gear


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    Introducing: Toadfish Performance Gear


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    Introducing: Toadfish Performance Gear


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