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by Nathan Glass June 08, 2022 1 min read

Margarita Cocktail Recipe

One of the most popular cocktails in North America, the Margarita is simple and only requires about 3 ingredients - tequila, orange liqueur for sweetness, and tart lime juice. Just three ingredients, harmoniously combined and perfectly balanced.

This is a cocktail recipe that you can easily memorize to whip up at last-minute dinner parties, backyard BBQs, or when you need a reminder of summer in the middle of a cold winter

In this video, you'll learn a simple Margarita recipe that only takes a matter of minutes to make. Using our Non-Tipping 10oz Rocks Tumbler, start by using a high-quality tequila for the base of the cocktail. 


  • 1 cup ice

  • 1.5 oz. Tequila

  • 1/2 oz. Triple Sec

  • 1 oz. Sour Mix

  • Garnish with a lime

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