Dad-Approved Toadfish Father’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Great Gifts To Get Dad
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Dad-Approved Toadfish Father’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Great Gifts To Get Dad

May 20, 2022

As Father’s Day quickly approaches, it’s time to start thinking of the perfect gifts to give your pops. There is all types of dads out there, but it’s hard to find a dad like  your dad. For all he has done over the years, he deserves a well-thought out gift that he’ll remember for years to come. Most of the time, our Dad’s would be happy just spending quality time with his kid(s), however, why not find a gift that can be used while spending time with him! Let's help you find meaningful gifts for dad.

This list compiles are highly-popular Father’s day boat giftswhiskey giftsgrilling gifts, and fishing gifts for dad.


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Grill Set + Case

If your Dad likes to cookout by the grill on a nice summer day, this is the gift for him. Our Grill Set + Case features all the tools necessary for your favorite backyard chef. Each piece in this set is a re-imagination of traditional designs with new innovative features that will elevate their grilling game. 

We’ve used the highest quality stainless steel and balanced that with soft-touch inlays to sit securely in the hand. This grilling set with case allows easy storage and portability, making it the ultimate grilling set for Father’s Day. 


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Rod & Reel Combo

Spend some time on the water with your Pops this Father’s Day. Whether you’re on the boat, kayak, or land, our Rod & Reel Combos give you everything you need to be successful on the water. 

Our saltwater rod and reel combos combine cutting-edge materials with creative, ergonomic designs and engineering, for the ultimate in fishing performance. Paired with powerful, responsive rods that are built to last with rugged salt-proof components and a revolutionary ergonomic handle that won’t chip, tear, or weather.


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Rocks 2-Pack Set + Ice Ball Tray

This year, get him the perfect gift to pair with a bottle of whiskey with our Rocks Tumbler + Ice Ball Tray gift set. Featuring our Non-Tipping suction technology, simply add your favorite cocktail to the Toadfish Rocks tumbler and keep your drink accident-free and always chilled. 

These stainless steel, double-vacuum insulated Rocks Tumblers includes built-in graduated measurements for the perfect pour and a shatter-proof lid with a removable slider. This gift set also includes an Ice Ball Tray that creates 6 slow melt ice spheres that are the perfect companion for any cocktail.

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Shrimp Cleaner

If you’re planning on having seafood for Father’s Day or anytime this year, look no further than the Toadfish Shrimp Cleaner tool. This first-of-its-kind shrimp tool allows you to peel, devein, and butterfly shrimp in one single smooth motion. 

Elegantly designed and easy to use, it gives you a perfect shrimp every time. A perfect addition to any Father's Day gift baskets for dad. Our stainless steel shrimp de-veiner tool will save you time and energy, allowing to spend more time enjoying your feast with family and friends.


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Stowaway Fillet System

Is your Dad an angler, camper, or outdoorsman? If so, this is the gift for him. The Toadfish Stowaway Fillet System combines both the Fillet Knife and Folding Cutting Board. The clever Stowaway Folding Fillet Knife combines the high-end performance and ergonomics of a full-length fixed knife with the safety and versatility of a folding knife. 

This kit features built-in fillet knife sharpener to help keep your knife performing great and a neoprene knife sheath for easy storage and portability. Whether you’re filleting chicken or tuna, we’ve got you covered.


Leatherback Trucker Hat

Your Dad might be super stylish already, however, it doesn’t hurt to give hime a quick and easy upgrade to his wardrobe. Our best-selling style hat offers a new classic look that can be worn at the beach or grabbing drinks at the bar. 

Constructed with snapback enclosure, this hat fits heads of all sizes and allows breathability with the trucker mesh back.


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Crab & Lobster Tool Set

If your Dad is trying upgrade his coastal kitchenware, check out our most innovative crab and lobster tools on the market. This set includes everything you need to open and enjoy fresh, hard-shelled seafood without the mess.

Our Crab Claw Cutter is the ultimate crab multi tool, allowing you to easily crack open claw shell to remove the delicious meat without any shell fragments - and it has built-in bottle opener! Give Dad the most innovative crab cleaning and picking tools you can find this Father’s Day.


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Non-Tipping Can Cooler

With summer just around the corner, long days at the beach or on the boat with your Dad is something to look forward. However, with summer, comes extreme heat that can warm your beverages quickly if not stored properly. 

Our Non-Tipping Can Coolers help solve that problem. Built with double-vacuum insulated stainless steel, our drinkware collection will help keep your drinks cold for hours on end. Not only can you enjoy a cold beverages all day, but you can prevent the inevitable boat spills with our unique Non-Tipping suction technology

From a lack of cup holders on a rocking boat to wagging dog tails, this product will keep your drink upright, accident-free, and icy cold. Check out the Can Coolers and other Non-Tipping drinkware here.


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The Oysterman Shirt

Get your Father a shirt that represents his love for those delicious coastal mollusks - oysters! Our new beach-to-bar, royal blue, short sleeve button down is made from 100% cotton blend that offers ultimate comfort to keep you cool all week long.

Featuring our Oyster Love icon, this shirt is ideal for the avid oystermen or for those who enjoy the taste of freshly shucked oysters.

E-Gift Cards

We know it can be tough to pick something out for your Dad. Why not let him pick out what he likes? Check out our collection of E-Gift cards that can be used for any product on our online catalog. 

Whether he is a regular beachgoersavid anglerwhiskey enthusiast, or enjoys his time on his boat with friends and family - there is a Toadfish product just for him. Check out our various collections and make it the best Father’s Day yet!

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