5 Football Tailgate Gear Essentials You Need This Year
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5 Football Tailgate Gear Essentials You Need This Year

Aug 18, 2022

5 Football Tailgate Gear Essentials You Need This Year

It's that time of year again - college football season is here! And what better way to prepare than by gearing up for the tailgates. Whether you're a fan of one of the big teams, or just looking to have some fun and socialize with your friends, these 5 essential items will help make your tailgate a hit. From folding chairs to a cornhole game to a grill utensil set, there's something for everyone on this list. Make sure to check it out and find the perfect gear for your tailgate today!


Which type of gear is best for tailgating?

Tailgating is a tradition at many college campuses, and for good reason - it's a lot of fun! But before you can tailgate in style, you need to make sure to invest in the right gear. Essential gear includes things like tailgating tables, chairs, umbrellas, tents, food, drinks, and decorations. Make sure to have a good mix of each so that you can enjoy your game no matter the weather. So, go ahead and get your grilling game on!


Folding Chairs

College football season is just around the corner, and that means tailgating season is in full swing! Whether you're at a home game or an away game, make sure to bring folding chairs with you. They're a perfect solution for this because they're portable and compact. Not to mention, they come in a variety of colors and designs that will fit your personality perfectly. When tailgating, it's important to have a comfortable place to sit. These Coleman Broadband Mesh Camping Chairs offer an affordable and portable option for this upcoming football season.

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Cornhole Set

Let's be real - no one wants to tailgate without a game to play. That's where cornhole comes in! This easy-to-play but hard-to-master game is a lot of fun for everyone and is perfect for any tailgate party. In case you're new to the game, make sure to read all of the rules first so you don't get disqualified. Once you've got your game down, be sure to get ready for some epic clashes this year. You'll need an official Cornhole Set to play, so make sure to pick one up before the season starts!



Whether you're a fan of one team or all of them, tailgating is a must-do activity. But with so many options available, it can be hard to decide which tailgate gear to buy. First and foremost, a cooler is a must-have. These will keep your drinks cold and fresh and will come in handy for storing food and other supplies. If you're tailgating at a stadium, we recommend choosing a cooler that has plenty of space to store all of your supplies. Additionally, it's a great place to store your food and beverages, so you won't have to go looking for them later. Finally, make sure the cooler is easy to transport - we recommend selecting one with wheels or straps that easily attach/detach.


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Non-Tipping Can Cooler

If you're looking for the perfect tailgate accessory this year, look no further than the Toadfish Non-Tipping Can cooler. This can cooler is durable and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It keeps your beer cold and easy to transport, so you can drink and party without having to worry about running out of cold beer. Plus, its bright teal color makes it a standout choice at any game - even in the most competitive tailgating environments!


Grill Utensils Set

Tailgating season is finally here, and that means grilling burgers and brats! But if you're going to grill anything, you need a set of grill tools. A grill set is essential for flipping burgers and hot dogs, while a spatula is perfect for flipping pizzas or steak. And don't forget the plates and cups! We love these utensils in both traditional and trendy designs. So whether you're going for a traditional tailgate look or something a little more trendy, we've got you covered!


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Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the best drinks to enjoy at a college football game?

There's no doubt that a game day at a college football game is a lot of fun, that's why it's important to plan ahead and make sure you have the right drinks to keep yourself hydrated and energized. Here are some of our favorites:


Which type of food should I bring to a college football game?

Pack a lot of snacks and water so that you're not famished during the game. Remember to bring something that everyone can enjoy, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips. And of course, have fun! Everything goes better with a good game of football.


How can I store and transport my food while tailgating?

When tailgating, it's important to pack your food in durable containers that will keep it fresh and safe. Consider buying a tailgate cooler or using a portable stovetop grill to cook your food. Make sure you have enough utensils and plates to accommodate all of your guests and store them neatly away so they don't get dirty while you're eating!



College football season is quickly approaching and that means tailgating season is right around the corner! Make sure to have the perfect gear set up for your tailgate party by following our recommendations below. From folding chairs to a grill utensils set, we've got you covered! Don't forget to grab some delicious food and drinks to enjoy while you watch your favorite team play!

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