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Shucker's Bundle

20 Reviews
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$69.99$100.00Save 31%
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The Toadfish Shucker’s Bundle combines the most innovative oyster shucking tools on the market into one set. Our patented designs make preparing oysters easier, safer, and more enjoyable


- Put 'Em Back Oyster Knife - A fresh look at ergonomics with a bent tip design provides a comfortable grip for easy oyster shucking.

- Professional Edition Oyster Knife - Designed for opening thicker shelled oysters and use in commercial-volume kitchens for experienced shuckers, the Toadfish professional edition oyster knife is for serious oystermen. This commercial oyster knife features a thicker blade design than the signature Put Em’ Back™ Oyster Knife with less flex, more shucking power, and increased leverage.

- Cut Proof Shucking Cloth - Cut-proof and puncture-resistant cloth designed for safely opening shellfish. Replaces gloves and disposable towels and is anti-microbial, machine washable, and opens oysters safely and in style.





Toadfish is committed to cleaning coastal water by replanting new oyster habitat across the country. Oysters are the centerpiece of healthy saltwater ecosystems. They filter toxins from the water and provide nursery grounds for hundreds of marine species. The more oysters we plant the cleaner and healthier our coasts become.

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20 Reviews
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Amazing Oyster Shuckers!
Fantastic tools! A must have item in your cabinet for those days you grave oysters - or your neighbor pops in with a bundle. Haven’t found an oyster these couldn’t open quickly, easily, and safely. Recommend to all my friends.
The knives have changed my oyster shucking life
These knives are incredible. We love oysters and before the pandemic ate them only at restaurants as I was terrified of shucking an oyster. And then the pandemic came. We wanted oysters and the only way to have them was DIY. My original equipment was “fine” and excessive YouTube watching helped. And then, this summer (2021) while on Cape Cod we came across ToadFish knives. They were expensive and I didn’t believe they could be “that good.” So we didn’t buy them in the store we originally saw them at and instead came home and read reviews. The next day, we’re back to the store—Main St Wine and Gourmet in Orleans MA—and bought the shuckers bundle. WOW! The white knife is great at breaking the hinge; the teal knife is great for the fine motor removal of the shells. The cloth is a great idea but I—like others who have written—would MUCH prefer a glove. Can you make a new model for next year that has a “glove option” with sizing (my hands are small). Toadfish products are superb. My suggestion is to make them even better.
Judith S.
Shucker’s Bundle
TheShucker’s Bundle is great !!!- Cut Proof Shucking Cloth is so much better and the glove I was using . Having a choice on which knife to use depending on the oyster is wonderful.
Harry T.
It was great!
Couldn't wait till Christmas
Bought the crab and lobster tool set as a Xmas gift for my daughter & her husband. We went to visit her & we planned on buying lobster again. So we took the set with us. We gave it to her for Mother’s Day. They loved it. Now we need the oyster knives as my husband is in the kitchen struggling as I type this with opening the oysters! Great set.
Captains 2.