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Product Questions:

What is the difference between the Put ‘Em Back (teal handle) oyster knife and the Professional (white handle) oyster knife?

The original Put ‘Em Back Oyster Knife (teal handle) was designed for opening east coast oysters, raw or steamed. Our Professional Oyster Knife (white handle) has a thicker blade designed for opening larger Gulf Coast oysters. Additionally, we recommend that all commercial kitchens use our Professional oyster knife for heavy use.

Engraving Orders? How long does it take to receive my engraved oyster knife?

We do our engraving orders on Tuesdays and Fridays. So, when your order will ship largely depends on what day you placed your order. Shipping lead times are 2-4 business days depending on where you are located in the United States.

Can your oyster knives be used on clams or scallops?

Although you can open clams and scallops with our Put ‘Em Back Oyster Knife, it is not designed for opening these types of shellfish. We are in the process of developing knives specifically designed for clams and scallops that should be on our site for purchase summer of 2019.

Can my Toadfish Coastal Kitchen products go in the dishwasher?

Yes, all of the Toadfish Coastal Kitchen Products are dishwasher safe, including: oyster knives, shrimp tool, crab cutter, and shucking cloth.

How do I properly use my Frogmore Shrimp Cleaner?

Please refer to our Youtube tutorials channel: HERE

Can I sharpen my Frogmore Shrimp Tool?

No, the butterfly blade on the Frogmore shrimp tool is built to maintain its edge for the lifetime of the product. Sharpening it may damage the tool.

Can you use the Frogmore Shrimp Cleaner with cooked shrimp? Can you leave tail on?  Yes, and yes! Please see our Youtube tutorials channel: HERE

What types of crab claws can you open with the Toadfish Crab Claw Cutter? Lobster?

This tool works great with blue crabs, dungeness crabs, snow crabs, king crabs, and smaller stone crab claws. It does not work well for larger stone crabs or lobster, where the shells are too thick to be punctured by the serrated jaws of the tool. It also works great on lobsters, all you have to do is make two cuts on either side of the claw and you're good to go!

Are Toadfish Eco-Active Shirts & Hoodies true to size?

Yes, they are standard to what you would wear in a typical t-shirt. Also, if you receive any Toadfish apparel that does not fit correctly, we will exchange at no additional cost. Please note that our Eco-Active Shirt was designed with a fitted shirttail at the waist to keep it cleanly out of the way of whatever you do to get stoked.

What spinning reel sizes does the Toadfish Inshore rod fit?

Our rods are designed to be fished with 1000-5000 size spinning reels.

Shipping Questions

What type of shipping do you use?

We use standard USPS ground as our standard flat-rate shipping option. We also offer (2 day) expedited shipping for an additional fee.

If you require special shipping arrangements (such as a specific carrier), please include those instructions in the “notes” section of your order.

Warranty Questions:

What is the Toadfish warranty?

Please refer to our warranty section on the website: HERE

Put ‘Em Back Questions:

Why do we recycle oyster shells & replant new oyster reefs?

Oysters are natural filter feeders. One oyster filters fifty gallons of water per day. Oysters also provide habitat for 100’s of marine species like crab, shrimp, and fish. The more oyster beds we restore, the cleaner and healthier the water becomes.

What does 10 sqft mean?

With every product purchased, we pledge to donate the equivalent of replanting ten square feet of new oyster reef. For more information, visit our IMPACT PAGE: ; and our DONATION PAGE to find out how you can help:

Are the oyster beds you are restoring used for commercial harvest?

No, the oyster beds we fund are planted in areas designated as marine sanctuaries. Such areas are protected from any harvest, commercial or recreational.

What does Put ‘Em Back mean?

Put ‘Em Back is our own way of communicating the importance of recycling oyster shells back into the ecosystem after they are consumed. Those recycled, replanted shells create a place for baby oysters to grow into the next generation of oyster reefs.

Find out more on our IMPACT PAGE

How can I get involved with oyster restoration?

We partner with the top oyster restoration programs in the country. These organizations encourage and depend on public participation. For more information on how you can get your hands and feet in the mud to Put ‘Em Back, please visit our donation page and click on our partners links in your state.

Where is Toadfish located?

We are located in Charleston, South Carolina. Come visit and get out on the water with us!

Where can I recycle my oyster shells?

We currently have a list of recycling centers in South Carolina on our website found HERE

We are also working on developing lists for other states, so check back on the site monthly for recent updates.

How can I become a retailer of Toadfish products?

You can become a retailer HERE