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Seafood Forks

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Seafood Forks

A must have tool for easily removing crab and lobster meat from those hard to reach places in shells. Elegantly designed and easy to use, Toadfish Seafood forks are a great addition to any home entertainer's arsenal. This stainless steel tool features a scoop on one end and a two-prong fork on the other. 

  • Full stainless steel construction with a non-slip rubber middle
  • Come in a pack of 4
  • 9" Inch Utensils
  • Does not include Crab Claw Cutter
  • 210,643




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    Seafood forks
    I recently ordered the seafood forks, along with some other items. Have used them twice during a local restaurant's "Lobster Fest." They worked great. They Significantly assisted in removing the meat from inside the claws and from there the meat went down smoothly. By the way all the items I ordered worked great. The lobster/crab claw cutters were the best I've ever used. Very pleased.
    Robert W.
    Love Em
    Used the very next day after we got them. Designed grate. Loved the look and feel. Made getting all the crab meat out a lot easier!
    Richard M.
    Just like all their products! These forks work great and very well constructed!
    tyler t.
    Crab forks and claw cutter set
    Works great. My wife shelled some leftover king crab legs with the tools and we were able to get alot more meat out of them to make a seafood gumbo. Very satisfied with the product. Good quality and seem very durable. Can't wait to have another crab boil so we can whip out the tools in front of our guests. Thanks for making a quality product. Sincerely Peter Samocki.
    peter s.
    Seafood forks
    Very well made. Makes eating crabs so easy and fast!
    Pamela H.