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Non-Tipping 10oz Rocks Tumblers

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Just add your favorite cocktail to the Toadfish Rocks tumbler and keep your drink accident-free and always chilled. Includes built-in graduated measurements for the perfect pour and a shatter-proof lid with a removable slider. This is your new go-to companion from bourbon to coffee. The Toadfish Wine Tumblers hold on when others can't.

SMARTGRIP TECHNOLOGY - Patented SmartGrip technology makes it hard to tip but easy to lift.

DOUBLE WALL VACUUM INSULATION - keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot until the last sip

STAINLESS STEEL - Made with high-grade stainless steel, making them puncture & rust-resistant.

GRADUATED MEASUREMENTS - Built-in graduated measurements so you get a perfect size pour every time.

SHATTERPROOF LID - Durable lid with an easy-slide tab will keep your drink safe and easy to sip. 





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Write a Review
Tipsy, maybe...tip-over, nope!!
Such an awesome product! No spills & mess to clean up. Love the measuring marks on the inside!
Kristi P.
Spiderman cups
I took my sister, her husband, nephew and niece out at Christmas to see the lights in the harbor. We gave these cups to the kids to use with hot chocolate and told them they were like Spiderman. They can stick to the walls just like Spiderman. At the end of the night going to our cars my nephew asked for a refill for the ride home. I know this was just so he could take the cups home. (he is only 4) So now I am buying more because I can't say no to those adorable faces. They LOVE them. And I enjoy them as well.
Sarah P.
As I expected for a cup but had a chip out of the paint when I got it
Bryan P.
Works Great!
This product blew my mind. I didn't think it would work as well as it does! I bought it for my Sister who has two little kids and they have been knocking cups over recently so this ended up being a great Christmas gift for them. No more spilled drinks!
Tyler B.
Best cup ever
I love my cup! I use it for coffee and it always stays warm and my husband can’t knock it off my desk anymore!
Olivia P.