What's the best travel mug that doesn't alter the coffee taste?
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What's the best travel mug that doesn't alter the coffee taste?

Dec 13, 2022

What's the best travel mug that doesn't alter the coffee taste?

We've all been there. You pour a hot cup of coffee in your brand new stainless steel drinking mug, hop in the car on the way to work, take that first sip and... you're not impressed. With the popularity of reusable stainless steel drink ware growing, everyone has a few in their arsenal. 

Tasting metal in your coffee or water when drinking from your favorite stainless stainless steel mug or bottle has become a common occurrence. In this blog, you'll learn why you taste metallic and how to fix it once and for all.


Why Your Stainless Steel Bottle Or Mug Tastes Like Metal

You could be experiencing that metallic taste when your mouth or lips are touching the metal or stainless steel when you are drinking. Or like others, you could be tasting the metal flavors from your drinks even when you are drinking using a plastic straw out of a stainless steel mug. 

Metal Leaching

The metal taste in your coffee can oftentimes be attributed to metal leaching. High temperature liquids and high acidity increase the level of metal leaching. Wear and tear of the stainless steel, regardless of its grade, could also lead to high levels of metal leaching.

Smells or Flavors

Although it may not necessarily be a metallic taste, you can often taste a different flavor from what you are intending to drink (coffee, tea, beer, etc.). This is due to small crevices on the surface of the stainless steel that substances like dish soap, coffee oils, and other liquids can get stuck in.


Regardless of the reasons behind the metallic taste you are experiencing, no one wants their favorite coffee and drinks to taste of metal or any other undesirable flavors.

So how do we solve this problem?


How To Get Rid Of The Metal Taste In Your Drinks?


The simplest way to get rid of the metallic taste you are experiencing when drinking coffee, tea, or other beverages is to add a glass insert within the stainless steel tumbler.

Unlike stainless steel, glass will not leach chemicals nor absorb any residual odors or tastes from previous drinks. Glass is also super easy to clean.

Pairing a glass insert with a double-walled vacuum insulated tumbler gives you the additional benefit of keeping your drink colder or warmer for longer!

The Toadfish Non-Tipping 20oz Tumbler is a great option for someone looking to get rid of that metal taste for their morning coffee. Add the glass insert to the travel mug tumbler and you're all set!

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