How To Use a Stainless Steel Wine Chiller
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How To Use a Stainless Steel Wine Chiller

Apr 28, 2022

Wine Chillers are an excellent way to keep your favorite bottle of white wine, champagne, sparkling water, etc. chilled for hours on end. Whether you are spending the day at the beach or going on an afternoon boat ride, keeping your beverage at the desired temperature is necessary. 

A single bottle wine chiller, constructed from stainless steel is a simple and functional solution. Double-walled vacuum insulation guarantees that your bottle remains enjoyable no matter where the adventure takes you. Designed to be portable, lightweight, and easy to clean, our outdoor Wine Chiller is the ultimate wine accessory. 


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Pro Tip: Pair your Wine Chiller with our  Non-Tipping Wine Tumblers with Glass Inserts to enhance your overall drinking experience.

Below, we’ll show you step-by step on how to use the chiller correctly:


  • Wipe the stainless steel Wine Chiller down with a clean, damp cloth

  • Take your chilled bottle of wine, champagne, sparkling water, etc out of the fridge.

  • Remove the Flexi-Lock adjustable top from the Wine Chiller by turning counterclockwise.

  • Simply place the desire bottle inside the chiller and place adjustable top over the neck of the bottle. 

  • Twist clockwise until snug.

  • When ready to pour, grip the wine chiller and slowly pour into your glass. Cheers!


  • Lauren Armstrong
    Nov 26, 2023 at 10:59

    Why will they not respond on how to get it unlocked 😭 SAME issue- first time using it, 18 people at our party tried to get it unlocked with no luck.


  • Ellen Barber
    Nov 25, 2023 at 13:58

    Same as other comments, cannot unscrew have some of the most burly guys around trying, no luck :(


  • Daniel Moxley
    Jul 08, 2023 at 21:40

    Same as all the other comments. Used it and now the top won’t unscrew. Either need a replacement or a refund or some guidance on how to fix.


  • Shannon Huffman
    Jun 25, 2023 at 17:49

    Got one for Christmas. Used it this weekend.
    Completely useless. Couldn’t unscrew it. Couldn’t remove empty bottle.
    Had to cut it all up and apart to get bottle out. Still couldn’t get lid off. Super disappointing.


  • TT
    Jun 17, 2023 at 14:21

    Same as all of the above. I’m so disappointed. I was going to buy more of this brand and now I’m at a loss. Did anyone find an answer? What a waste.


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