How To Choose a Kayak Cup Holder
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How To Choose a Kayak Cup Holder

Nov 15, 2022

How To Choose a Kayak Cup Holder

Kayaking is a fun activity that almost anyone can enjoy. Much like any other physical activity, it is important that you stay hydrated. This is why it's critical to bring water or your favorite beverage with you when you go out on the water.

Using a kayak cup holder is a great way to keep your favorite drink secure and within reach. Yes, kayak cup holders exist and allow you to keep your favorite drinks, tiny tackle boxes, and other items in convenient locations.

I'm sure you'd be astonished by the variety of kayak cup holders on the market. In this blog, we plan to guide you through the various possibilities and point you in the direction of the best kayak cup holders on the market.

When purchasing a kayak cup holder, there are several variables to consider. A purchase guide is provided below to assist you in selecting the one that best matches your needs. Let's get started.


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Different Types of Kayak Cup Holders

There are a few different types of kayak cup holder available on the market. If your kayak includes a gear track, there are attachments you can purchase to install. However, some kayaks do not include a gear track, making finding the perfect cup holder a bit difficult. Not to worry, we've got just the solution!

The Non-Tipping Anchor Universal Cup Holder is the first of its kind. Designed and built with SmartGrip suction technology, this universal cup holder will suction to most smooth, flat, untextured surfaces to provide you the ultimate cup holding experience. Unlike other kayak cup holders that aren't easily removable, the Anchor allows you to quickly move the cup holder to any desired location with ease.

Installing a cup holder on a yak is a simple task that anyone can do. The first step in installing a cup holder is deciding where you want to put it. Ideally, you'd want somewhere close by so you can easily access your favorite beverages.

How to Choose Your Kayak Cup Holder?

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Kayak cup holders are made from various materials, ranging from metals to plastics. Apart from the materials used, the build quality of the cup holders also affects their durability. We suggest purchasing a cup holder made from durable material such as stainless steel.


Aside from having easy access to your favorite drinks, having your drinks stabilized and in one spot instead of your containers rolling around in your kayak is one of the perks of having a kayak cup holder.

An unsteady cup holder can spill drinks and possibly drop your containers into the water. This is why you should 

Ease of Mount

Mounting a cup holder doesn’t have to be rocket science. Choose only cup holders that are easy to mount and easy to remove. Cup holders that feature suction technology allow for ease of portability to help you select the perfect location on your kayak.


When looking for a kayak cup holder, make sure it can and will fit most standard sizes of water bottles, stainless steel drink ware, cups, etc.


There you have it, what you need to know about cup holders, and a buying guide to help you choose the one that best meets your needs.

Get one today, stay hydrated, and enjoy your favorite drinks as you cruise the waters.

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