6 Ways To Use The Non-Tipping Universal Cup Holder
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6 Ways To Use The Non-Tipping Universal Cup Holder

Aug 23, 2022

6 Ways To Use The Non-Tipping Universal Cup Holder

The Anchor™ is a universal non-tipping cup holder designed to secure your favorite cup or drinkware container and anchor it to any smooth surface. The first of it's kind, this portable cup holder will keep your drink from getting knocked over in almost any situation! But did you know there are a few different ways to use your Anchor? In this blog post, we'll discuss a few different hacks that are available to you and could help make life a bit easier.


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1. Portable Cup Holder

Now this one may be pretty obvious to you! If you have ever had trouble finding a place to properly store your beverage while on the move on a boat, lawnmower, car, etc. - this is the product for you.

Our Universal Cup Holder was designed to suction on most smooth, flat, and untextured surfaces using our SmartGrip suction technology. It'll keep your drink upright and prevent spills no matter the adventure. The Universal feature allows all popular 16oz-32oz tumbler cup brands to fit snug inside the cup holder.

2. Snack Bowl

Whether you have kids or like to enjoy some snacks throughout the day, our Anchor Cup Holder is the perfect solution to a convenient treat accident-free. The spill-free suction feature is incredible for parents who struggle to keep their kids from making a mess. Simply add their favorite snack to the Anchor, place on a compatible smooth surface, and voila! No more spills.

3. Keys & Phone Holder

Whether you're an occasional or frequent boater, you know it can often times be difficult to find a safe place to put your keys and phone without them getting lost in transit. After multiple days on the water, we've found that the Anchor serves as a great storage spot to keep your valuables safe and secure while speeding through the ocean. Next time you're on the boat, give it a try!


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4. Pencil & Pen Holder

Sorting out your desk always feels good. By discarding your trash and organizing your items, it can often help your motivation at work. The Anchor provides a great place to arrange your pens, pencils, sketch pens, highlighters, rulers, stick notes, stapler, and glue. A tidy table makes working on it simpler.

5. Car Dash Storage

The beauty of this product is the portability and durability. On long trips to the boat landing or camping in the mountains, it is important to have a place for storing fishing lures, flashlights, pocket knives, etc. That's why some of us here at Toadfish utilize the incredible suction technology these Anchors provide as dashboard storage on our cars, trucks, and SUVs. 

If you happen to have a dashboard with a slight texture on it, no worries! We offer a universal mounting pad allows you to turn any rough surface into a perfect place for your Anchor to suction effectively and safely.

6. Fishing Lure Holder

Sometimes we just need to switch lures quickly in order to get a cast in. Instead of taking the time to open & close your tackle box, we prefer to toss are used lures in the Anchor Cup Holder suctioned perfectly to the console of the boat. For easy access, this cup holder makes switching tackle and staying organizing easier than ever.

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