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sqft. oyster beds

Save The Seagrass! Non-Tipping Can Cooler

Upgrade Your Can Cooler!

Can Cooler Lid

Can Cooler Lid - $6

Turns Your Can Cooler Into A Tumbler!

Smartgrip Adhesive Pads

Smartgrip Adhesive Pad - $4

Makes any surface SmartGrip ready!

Toadfish is partnering up with organizations in the Southeast to help advance the research of seagrass restoration and ensure that we are replanting seagrass in the correct areas under the right conditions. This will help ensure restoration efforts are long-lasting and help keep our shores protected and clean. Each product sold will help seagrass restoration projects on our coast!

* Slim Can Adapter included with 12oz Can Coolers

SMARTGRIP TECHNOLOGY - Patented SmartGrip technology makes it hard to tip but easy to lift.

DOUBLE-WALL VACUUM INSULATION - Keeps your drinks cold until the last sip

STAINLESS STEEL - Made with high-grade stainless steel, making them puncture & rust-resistant.

RUBBER LOCKING GASKET - Removable rubber gasket to securely lock in your can.
The only plant that can live completely submerged underwater is one of the most productive ecosystems in the world. Seagrass provides habitats and serves as food to an incredibly diverse community of animals including endangered species such as manatees and green sea turtles. One square meter of seagrass can generate 10 liters of oxygen a day! Seagrass can further improve water quality by absorbing nutrients in runoff from the land. Seagrass roots help stabilize bottom sediments in the ocean, which prevents erosion during storms.