Why You Should Drink from a Glass Insert
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Why You Should Drink from a Glass Insert

by Nathan Glass on Jul 05, 2022

Why You Need a Glass Insert

While drinking beer, coffee, or mixed drinks from a glass has it’s obvious benefits - being able to see the color and clarity - there are a few other reasons as to why drinking from a glass is often deemed as more superior way of consuming your favorite beverages. To make it easy for you when deciding to include our new 16oz Pint Glass insert to your Non-Tipping Tumbler, we’ve decided to put together a list of reasons as to why this is an awesome addition to your drinkware arsenal. 

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Enhanced Flavor and Aromas

As you pour your desired beverage into a glass, you are able to gain more access to the aroma, making it an overall better drinking experience. When consuming liquid, it is the combination of both your taste and smell sensory that determine the flavor of your drink. Believe it or not, more than 70% of your taste comes from your sense of smell. By using glass, you remove the stainless steel metallic taste from your drink.


Holds Temperature Longer

Our 20oz Non-Tipping Tumbler does include double-walled vacuum insulation to keep your drink cold or hot for hours, however, when combined with a chilled glass insert, your drink can stay cold for a whole lot longer. This works for hot beverages as well. The additional layer of insulation helps guarantee your drink stays just the right temperature during your whole adventure.


No More Beer Bloat

If you experience a bloated feeling when drinking beer, try pouring your beer into a glass. Carbonation is released when pouring into a glass due to the breakdown of CO2, making it easier on your stomach. That’s why drinking beer from a can or bottle never tastes as good as one in a pint glass. Give it a try!

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